Hard Choices

Yesterday I was talking with Reeve about a difficult decision and how I didn’t know how to weigh it because it’s between two great choices. He said that there’s no way you can really do pro/con lists for decisions like that, a nugget of knowledge he learned fromĀ this TED Talk on the topic.

The gist is it’s almost impossible to make a difficult decision on the merits of the competing choices alone. Instead, you should use tough choices as opportunities to make a decision based on which values to affirm. If this makes no sense, it will if you watch the talk.

I found this clarifying in the way that advice from Shankar helped me a lot that one time.

A New Theme

Last week I learned WordPress now has photo and quote post types, like Tumblr does. The post types are a huge draw for me as a sometimes-Tumblr user, but I am partial to WordPress for all the flexibility it offers. So I loaded up a new theme so that I can take advantage of post types, and I hope to be testing them out with random photos, quotes and multimedia posts in the coming weeks. Things could be glitchy for a bit, but nothing on the scale of HealthCare.gov’s disaster, which has basically consumed my past two months.