We’re Hiring!

If you’re interested in working for a fast-paced yet flexible American news organization, NPR’s Seoul bureau has a rare opening for a news assistant. We’re looking for a native Korean-speaker who can also speak excellent English. The successful candidate does not need experience in journalism — but will have to think like a journalist. This is a full-time position, paid monthly, without rigid work hours, plus holidays and vacation. Salary is negotiable. Health or retirement benefits are not provided.

Is This Job For You?

Are you a natural at communicating with people from different backgrounds, and can you confidently approach sources? Are you a natural news junkie, curious about the world and situations around you? Can you accurately and quickly translate interviews from Korean to English, often in real time? Can you think creatively and analytically? Can you produce fresh ideas and sources, based on research and synthesis, if asked to think of an original angle to an ongoing story? Can you work quickly, on a deadline? Are you game to travel? Are you accountable, honest and compassionate?

An ideal candidate would also have some audio or video production experience, as our assistants are allowed to file broadcast stories for NPR News.

How To Apply

Please send a cover letter, resume and three ideas that would make excellent NPR pieces to ehu@npr.org, by no later than February 24. Please include in the subject line: News Assistant Opening. Candidates selected to be interviewed will be notified before March 5. If you don’t hear back, we will retain your resume for future opportunities.


The job includes, but is not limited to:

  • Translating English questions into Korean, and Korean answers back into English, often in real time.
  • Finding the right sources for stories.
  • Keeping up with the stream of news about North and South Korea, as it breaks and develops and coming up with unique angles to cover the region.
  • Providing a Korean context for better understanding of the Koreas.
  • Assisting the correspondent(s) in getting to interviews and other on location reporting assignments across the country.
  • Conducting backgrounding and research for original pieces.
  • Gathering sound audio as needed for radio pieces.
  • Filing 45-second or shorter news spots and pitching blog posts, if you’re interested.
  • Managing some administrative tasks for the bureau, for example, making sure dues are paid, filing expenses as needed, etc.

About NPR

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